Cool And Unique Bathroom Designing Ideas

If you want to stand out from the rest, you need to have something unique and special. Something that no one would ever think of ever incorporating. And today that is what most people strive to achieve and create. A difference! Even if you are simply working on giving your bathroom a remodeling touch, try to spice things up by designing it in a fun way. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Vibrant and Turkish

When you think of Turkey, generally it is more artistic designs and ideas that pop in to your head. Special mosaic pieces and such. So design your restroom with small bathroom renovations by using this concept as an inspiration. You could tile your walls in green shaded tiles and have Aztec-kind-of prints decorating the areas below your sink. Place a couple other interesting accessorizing pieces and complete the look.

The rocky country look

Going rustic and country with designing has become a huge trend today. And so it is no wonder that this concept has even been extended to the bathrooms too. One of the best ways to start off to create this look is by getting river rock floors fit in. Though these may not necessarily need tiling services Melbourne depending on the kind you use, it would certainly help if you were to work with an expert on this rather than trying DIY methods! You could also add in details like a printed bath mat, a stand up tub and such.


When it comes to the walls in your restroom, generally most people choose to go with boring designs and geometrical figures. However, here you could choose to paint in some waves or find tiles that come with the design or use wall paper of this design, to adorn the walls. But what you need to remember is that when you are following such a touch, limit it to one particular wall only and have the rest in a neutral shade. This way you can highlight the detailing of waves better. You could set out two oval shaped mirrors by the sides as well, to complete the look.

Spread the wallpaper
Most people are used to limiting the wallpaper to only the walls in the chosen spaces, however if you were to choose a design with branches spreading about, you could easily extend the wallpaper to the ceiling as well. This way you are not only working on making the walls interesting, but also the ceilings as well.

Use the above tips and design your bathroom to stand out like any other interesting room in your home!