Make Your Home Cool For The Summer

When we say summer the first thing that comes to our mind are those long vacations to Maldives and sun bathing. But that’s not everything. For an example getting ready for summer reminds us about our house as well. In this article we came up with those important changes and things you need to do to prepare your indoors and outdoors for the hot summer days. Take a look!

Ready your pool
If you have a pool in your backyard you know it really adds a lot of value and worth to your house as well. Maintain it will help you to keep it in hygienic conditions and also safe. When talking about safe, have you set borders to your pool? Especially when you have small kids in your house you don’t want them to go sneaking to the pool side area without your knowledge. This is why pool fencing is important. Check for the rates for pool fences in Gold Coast to find the best company/service for your fencing needs. Anyway, what’s summer without a swim in a pool?

Change your curtains
You need to change into thin, non-layered and lightweight curtains for the season. For winter we go for curtains that have the opposite qualities of them. The reason is to make your indoors cooler and to reduce the temperature inside. Also make sure they are all clean. Open your windows after dusk to let in the cool air because unlike the day, temperature falls after dusk.
Check your air conditioner

It’s hard to stay indoors without the air conditioner for summer. But you know how much it affects your electricity bills as well. If you want the best out of your AC and make your bills worth the price then you should pay attention to the machine to see whether it has any leaks and other drawbacks. It’s important to keep it clean because dust and dirt can be culprits behind the problems of its functionality. Also repair it when it’s needed, check this great concrete retaining walls.

Indoor air quality
If you want to refresh the air inside your home you can check for some indoor plants. Not just for summer but everyday throughout the year, plants play a main role in improving air quality and to beautify your interior. Some of these indoor plants include chrysanthemums, peace lilies, palms, ferns, anthurium, and pothos.

Your bedroom needs some retouching
Change those winter bed sheets you have been using because you don’t wake p and find yourself all uncomfortable and sweaty. For summer bed sheets go for materials like cotton and linen. Also don’t forget some bright prints you want to look for. Also don’t forget to store your off-season clothes and shoes in safe places because you don’t want to have a messy closet especially when you have limited space. You can store them in a basket, label it as “summer clothes” and store under your bed.